Family Therapy

Family Challenges

Family therapy and counseling is a way to address family-related conflict, when at least two members of a family are willing and able to attend therapy. Family therapy may be a good choice with your family if you and your family are experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • A difficult issue or stressor affecting the family as a whole, such as:

    • Divorce or separation

    • Death or illness

    • Financial strain or hardships 

    • Moving or other transitions 

  • High amounts of family discord or fighting or opposing viewpoints

  • Parents having trouble parenting one or multiple children 

  • Issues effectively communicating in the family 

  • Problems setting effective, but compassionate limits (without yelling or harsh punishment) 

  • Difficulty juggling multiple roles 

If you and your family are experiencing any of these issues, you can benefit from family therapy. 

Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Reduce conflict, tension, and fighting in family 

  • Better understanding of family dynamics 

  • Learn better communication skills

  • Learn how to set limits, calmly and compassionately 

  • Learn each individual's needs and desires for the family system 

  • Better parenting

Family Therapy

There are many configurations in which people are seen together in family therapy. Typically, this decision is made in collaboration with the family, keeping their best interest and objectives in mind. Some examples include:

  • Child and one parent or both parents

  • Adult child with one or both parents

  • Two or more siblings 

  • Entire immediate family 


At other times, family therapy might be used adjunct to individual therapy, meaning that a person is seen individually for therapy on a regular basis with additional family sessions scheduled throughout the course of working together. The goal is to make treatment more complete by helping resolve family issues that are interfering with their ability to meet their goals in individual therapy. 


My Approach

In my Newport Beach and San Diego offices, I treat the entire family dynamic as whole while compassionately and empathically tending to the needs of each individual. The goal is not to blame any particular party for the issues at hand—but to all come to a more clear understanding of reality. Family therapy and counseling begins with family members first understanding their role in the family system. In order to rebuild a healthy working system, each family member must learn their role and support each other as they switch or adjust roles in order to restore a healthy dynamic. Family therapy will also involves cultivating love and acceptance for your family members, rather than animosity, although feeling negative emotions can be part of the process. As a team, we establish what you’d like to see for your family and work together to accomplish these goals.