Integrative Therapy
Orange County and San Diego

Integrative Therapy

To date, over 400 different approach to therapy, many of which are better for some individuals but not for others. Integrative Therapy takes into account all aspects of the self in order to use the best and most effective therapeutic tools to fit your particular needs and goals. For this reason, Integrative Therapy often focuses on understanding the whole, complete person, and may address several of the following life areas: 

  • Physical health 

  • Emotional and psychological health 

  • Enriching environments 

  • Social connection and belonging 

  • Intellectual growth 

  • Job satisfaction and financial stability 

  • Finding purpose and meaning

Therapy for Mind-Body Health 

As many of us know, even having the common cold can often make us feel depressed or anxious. For those suffering from chronic pain or illness, this can take a considerable toll on your emotional wellbeing, and getting a new health diagnosis can be an incredibly difficult notion to process. Therapy can be particularly critical in these instances—our work together may involve learning to accept your current health status or for some, therapy might also include managing and coping with pain or disability. Therapy might also help with exploring your relationship with you physical health and body. It can involve helping you create a healthy lifestyle including ways to improve your diet and exercise level. It may also involve improving your body image and how you feel in your own skin. 

Benefits of Integrative Therapy

  • Address wellness in a individualized, non-judgmental, empowering environmental 

  • Find fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of your life 

  • Discover new perspectives and mindsets that will help you cope with challenges for your entire life 

  • Find more peace, acceptance and gratitude 

  • Improved relationships with others categorized by mutual respect and compassion 

  • Better self-awareness, communication, and understanding of your internal states 

My Approach to Integrative Therapy

I take a comprehensive and integrative approach to therapy, meaning I consider all aspects of self, rather just focusing on specific psychological symptoms. My goal is to support the dimensions of your life that you’d like to integrate, expand, accept, and/or grow. Whether that means learning more about yourself to increase your self-awareness, improving your physical wellbeing by discussing your nutrition or exercise goals, learning to cope with a chronic health issue, improving social relationships, finding passion and purpose, or exploring your spiritual connection, I will always meet you where you are. Together, we will collaborate to develop a plan that addresses your individual and unique goals and aspirations for your life. 


Interested? Let's Connect. 

If your ready to find more fulfillment, peace, and overall satisfaction with your life, I'm here to help. Integrative Therapy is available in Orange County, San Diego, and online via teletherapy.