Parent Training & Support 
Orange County and San Diego

Parenting Challenges 

Being a parent is one of the most difficult undertakings--it can be stressful, overwhelming, confusing, and even frustrating. Sometimes it can feel like a thankless job. Some common struggles parents face include: 

  • Uncertainty of best parenting practices, especially for new mothers and parents 

  • Challenges with support and communication with partner

  • Challenges with knowing how and when to discipline, especially with children with behavioral issues such as defiance 

  • Conflicting parenting styles or goals with partner, family members, and/or in-laws 

  • Difficulty balancing home life, personal life, and/or career

  • Confusion, self-doubt, self-criticism about being a "good parent"

  • Worry about teenaged children

  • Not understanding your child's needs and why they may act the way they do


Some common questions I am asked as a child psychologist include: 

  • "How can I best support my child when things get difficult?"

  • "What do I do if my child doesn't listen to me?"

  • "How can I get my partner and I on the same page?"

  • "What is the best way to support my teen if they are struggling with depression/anxiety?"

  • "How can i support my child if I'm going through a divorce or separation?"

  • "What do I do if my child is not doing their homework or doing poorly in school?"

  • "What do I do if my teenager won't talk to me?"

Benefits of Parent Training

  • Learn how to set limits, calmly and compassionately 

  • Understand more about your child's underlying needs 

  • Form a stronger connection with your child

  • Learn how to provide discipline without yelling or using harsh punishment 

  • Reduce conflict, tension, and fighting in family 

  • Learn better communication skills

  • Provide better, more effective parenting

Parent Support, Guidance, and Training  

Although parenting issues are challenging, it can be extremely beneficial to you and your child to receive guidance from an objective, non-judgmental and caring source. Oftentimes, small adjustments in your parenting can mean significant and lasting positive challenges for not just you but also your child. Improved parenting can help a child's a development and improve their functioning emotionally, academically and socially. 

In general, the goal of parent training and support is to help you understand your child better. Sometimes the format can be individual therapy or with other family members such as you and your child, or you and your partner. Although there are many different types of parent training, finding a psychologist that you connect with who understands you and your family is always the first and most important step. 


My Approach 

In my Newport Beach and San Diego offices, I provide parent training, guidance, and counseling. The philosophy I use to inform my work as a family and child therapist involves the notion of “love and limits”—that successful parenting is done with compassion while understanding the importance of informed discipline carried out in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. Enforcing limits and structure should feel less like punishment or causing harm to child, and instead model the importance of creating healthy boundaries for yourself and with others.


Usually parents come to me with specific parenting challenges and my goal is to never blame the parent or the child for the issues at hand, but instead focus on supporting the child-parent relationship and the family as a whole. This can only be done in a supportive, judgment-free environment where we explore what is working and not working at home. From there, we collaborate to create a plan that helps parents better understand their children, learn more effective communication skills, and experience less stress in parenting.


Interested? Let's Connect. 

If you hare having trouble or need guidance and support with parenting, please reach out. You can have happier and healthier family and relationship with your child. Parent training and support is available in my offices in Orange County and Diego.