Individual Therapy

Therapy for Teens

  • Provides safe and judgmental space to discuss difficult topics 

  • Improved mood

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Better study skills 

  • Increased coping skills and strategies 

  • Better communication skills

  • More emotional awareness 

  • Understanding of unique strengths 

  • More clarity about passions and interests

  • Goal setting 

  • Better preparedness for college and beyond

Anxiety Treatment

  • Better understanding of self 

  • Increased self-awareness 

  • Gain new perspectives for dealing with challenges, setbacks, and stressful situations 

  • Increase relaxation and feelings of peace

  • Learn strategies for dealing with stress

  • Reduced physical symptoms that can improve your health overall

  • Less agitation, frustration, and anger towards loved ones

  • Learn gratitude and appreciation for what is going right in your life

Relationship Issues

  • Strengthened existing relationships

  • Find empowerment and learn your worth  

  • Find more self assurance and confidence

  • Learn better communication skills

  • Learn to set limits, calmly and compassionately 

  • Learn how to feel less needy, desperate, or clingy in relationships 

  • Let go of old thoughts, ideas, and patterns to prepare for a new relationships

Trauma-informed Therapy

  • Regain agency over your life

  • Better understand yourself and your emotions

  • Learn coping strategies

  • Improve your mood and learn skills to reduce anxiety

  • Learn new awareness of how trauma is related to anger, anxiety, depression, and self-worth

  • Learn ways to improve sleep

  • Reduced physical symptoms that can improve your health overall

  • Recognize inner strength 

  • Find greater acceptance and more peace of mind 

  • Find more meaningful and safe relationships

Depression Treatment

  • Improve your mood and reduce stress

  • Find new perspectives for existing problems

  • Learn how to identify and express your emotions

  • Discover new ways of coping, communicating, and handing conflict

  • Identify your needs and how to take care of yourself

  • Learn how to set healthy limits

  • Learn gratitude and appreciation for what is going right in your life

  • Improve work or school performance

Gries & Loss Counseling

  • Provides a safe and nurturing environment to process pain

  • Find greater acceptance around the loss and ultimately more peace

  • Understand the process of grief and mourning

  • Better understanding of your emotions

  • Learn new awareness of self and your emotions through grief

  • Improve physical symptoms that can lead to better sleep and higher functioning day-to-day

  • Understanding and recognizing your own inner strength