Dr. Meagan Stanley

Adolescent and Adult Psychologist
Orange County & San Diego, CA

It is my honor to help individuals, couples, and families navigate the uncertainties, pains, losses, and share the joys that are inherent in our lives. Through understanding, connection, compassion, and the deepest respect, I can help you overcome whatever obstacles you may be facing, discover more awareness of yourself and others, and learn to live your most fulfilling life. - Dr. Meagan Stanley


Individualized & Compassionate

Therapy and Teletherapy Services

For Adolescents, Adults, Couples, & Families


Dr. Meagan Stanley is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist providing in-person therapy in Orange County, San Diego and across California through teletherapy services. 


Dr. Stanley received her B.A. from University of California, Irvine and Ph.D. from Palo Alto University with an emphasis in Women's Health from Stanford University School of Medicine. She also teaches as an adjunct instructor of psychology, psychotherapy, and counseling. 


She is committed to helping her clients grow in a judgment-free, safe, and enriching environment that facilitates positive and enduring change. To find out more about her and her approach to therapy, click the link below.  


180 Newport Center Drive Suite168 

Newport Beach, CA 92660

169 Saxony Road Suite 111 

Encinitas, CA 92024