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Support for Depression

Sometimes difficult things happen in our life that cause us to get knocked out of balance. Or sometimes, our lives seem good on the outside, but we are dealing with a huge weight internally. You may not know how to cope or the coping strategies you previously held no longer do the trick. You may feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, or hopeless when you can't pick yourself. Sometimes this pain may cause us to turn to things to help us push difficult feelings away such as alcohol, drugs, romantic relationship, or food.

If you are struggling with depression, therapy could help.



Depression & Anxiety

Depression Treatment

My Approach

Depression causes an overwhelming feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Although each individual is different and each experience is unique, some of the thoughts and feelings related to depression include: 

  • Guilt 

  • Sadness or feeling down

  • Lack of hope for the future

  • Stress and/or racing thoughts

  • Self-criticism & negative self/body image

  • Judgment of others 

  • Trouble sleeping 

  • General life dissatisfaction

Depression may also be felt in the in the body:

  • Lethargy, fatigue, tiredness throughout the day

  • Back and shoulder tension or pain

  • Tightness in the chest

  • Racing heart rate

  • Headaches

  • Restlessness

  • Brain fog

  • Stomach and gastrointestinal issues

Many people you may experience both anxiety and depression at various points in their lifetime. As psychologists, we think of these disorders as “co-morbid”, which means they are often experienced together. Recent brain imaging research has found evidence for why this might be the case—anxiety and depression fire in the same part of our brains. For this reason, anxiety and depression are often treated together. When the mind lives in the past, it can be labeled as depression; and alternatively, when the mind lives in the future, the feeling is often anxiety. A simple explanation that can cause a lot of suffering in our lives. 

Because our thoughts, or cognitions, are so powerful in dictating how we feel, it is no surprise that one of the most effective depression treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This practice involves examining your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors and deciding different ways to make positive changes to these domains. Ultimately, the goal of CBT is to change how you think, in order to change how you feel. 

It is widely known that CBT is the gold standard for depression treatment, but making these changes to the way we think can be difficult. In addition, many people find that changes to thoughts can help in the short term but may not work for every situation throughout their lifetimes, or they may initially feel better but the gains are more temporary

My goal is to help you develop skills that help reprogram your mind and learn ways to live a more peaceful life in the long run. My approach typically involves using “third-wave” cognitive behavioral therapy, which is similar to traditional CBT, but instead of changing cognitions, it involves being mindful of thoughts without judgment. In these modalities, learning compassion and acceptance helps "settle the mind", cope with setbacks and stressors, and find more kindness for yourself and those around you. It is my experience that my clients experience lasting and enduring changes. 

My approach to depression treatment centers around the idea that everyone’s experience is different. For this reason, it is important I get to know you as a person, taking into account all aspects of your life. I am dedicated to a holistic approach of treating the whole person, rather than a list of symptoms, although my ultimate goal remains to help you feel more at peace and fulfilled in your life. 

I have worked evaluating, diagnosing, and treating depression symptoms throughout my career. In my Orange County and San Diego offices, I offer a safe and nurturing environment to work through what you may be facing. Together we will learn skills to increase your understanding, acceptance, and compassion for yourself and others. Building a new awareness and perspective on your life will lead to more peace and better functioning overall. 

My Approach
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