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Relationship Therapy
For Individuals

We all look for connection in our lives, and we do this by forming attachments with other people. It is hard enough to understand ourselves as individuals, but what about navigating situations where you feel like your happiness is being impacted by another person? Whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or a professional relationship, this can be very challenging. 

If you are looking for help exploring, understanding, and healing your relationships, therapy may help.


Signs & Symptoms

Relationship Therapy

My Approach

If you feel like you are in conflict in any way with people in your life, your wellbeing will be impacted. Often the symptoms of a discordant relationship are anger, fighting, internal or external blaming, communication breakdowns, intense emotions, and feeling disconnected.  Sometimes these issues arise as you are learning to set limits with others, create healthy limits, or learning how to say no. On the other end of the spectrum, you may feel like you have issues getting close to others, being vulnerable, or sharing intimacy. 

Some common problems addressed in relationship therapy include: 

  • Difficult finding fulfilling friendships 

  • Feeling shy or self conscious

  • Feeling like an outsider in your family 

  • Not feeling heard/understood by others around you

  • Bringing issues from past romantic relationships into new relationships 

  • Trouble feeling okay with being single

  • Trouble feeling secure on your own 

  • Navigating complicated or stressful work dynamics 

  • Forgiving someone who hurt you in some way

  • Feeling unworthy or undeserving in relationships or of a relationship entirely

  • Putting the needs of others ahead of your own

  • Accepting changing dynamics in relationships

  • Understanding the perspectives of others

To help deal with issues in relationships, you may consider relationship therapy.  Although I do provide couples and family therapy, sometimes these options are not available if the other person/persons are not willing or able to attend therapy. Sometimes you may just want to understand yourself and others better on your own. Therefore, individual therapy is a good place to explore these topics and help find solutions that work best for you.

I believe it is possible live a life with mostly harmonious relationships that are deeply satisfying and supportive. If you feel like relationships are affecting your life, it is often helpful to discuss this in individual relationship therapy. It is a pleasure to help resolve these issues through therapy in my Orange County or San Diego offices. 

Working to resolve relationships with others is different for everyone and is more than just getting relationship advice. Oftentimes what is most helpful is getting a better understanding of yourself. This may look like finding acceptance and/or some sort of personal growth that allows you to be less negatively impacted by the situation. You also may find through therapy that this is a relationship you need to let go. In either scenario, it can be a difficult process. It is my job to support you while you learn to understand your place in the relationship, take accountability for the things you can, and learning what elements are out of your control

My Approach
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